Succesverhalen ~ The story of Lorenzo

We look like kids playing with Lego”

Lorenzo studied design engineering in Italy. He lived and worked there for some time until he decided he was ready for a new challenge. Via KERN Engineers he applied for a job as design engineer in the offshore industry. Within 3 weeks he found his challenge!

“I saw a job ad on Indeed. Indeed brought me to the website of KERN Engineers, talked to Petro and finally I ended up in this company.”

We sat down with Lorenzo so he could tell us his story.

KERN Engineers moves fast

When Lorenzo looked for a job he found that the process of finding a job could take 3 months; if not more. What made KERN Engineers really stand out for him was the immediate response he got. After KERN Engineers reached out to him, an online intake was quickly planned and a job interview at the company soon after.

“Petro – the consultant of KERN Engineers – knew that I did not come from the exact background that their client was looking for in a candidate. But he gave me a briefing from what I could expect from this kind of job, and this was very useful in managing expectations. And in the end it turned out to be something that I really enjoy.”

Don’t be afraid to move abroad

After Lorenzo was offered the job, he needed to decide if he wanted to move to the Netherlands for it. In the interview Lorenzo highlighted that KERN Engineers guided him through his decision. Lorenzo and Petro talked about the job, the company and the particulars of working in The Netherlands. Was it worth the move?

“I think when you’re evaluating jobs outside of your field of study you have to be honest with yourself and that was what Petro wanted me to reflect on.”

When he eventually made the decision to move to the Netherlands, KERN Engineers also offered support for his move to the Netherlands; for example applying for the 30% taxation rule. Prior to Lorenzo’s move to the Netherlands he worked in Italy only. When Lorenzo moved to the Netherlands the company culture surprised Lorenzo. He tells about it:

“What’s very nice is that everybody here wants to help you, and the communication is open. Here everyone works with each other and the goal is just to finish the project. We literally look like kids playing with Lego.”

He ended our interview with a message of encouragement for other jobseekers planning to move abroad:

“Don’t be afraid to move abroad. It’s nice to reset and start from scratch from time to time.”

What does this mean for you?

Lorenzo sees the benefits of applying for a job through KERN Engineers.

“To be honest I’ve also recommended KERN Engineers to some of my friends.”

Do you want to know what the benefits of working through KERN Engineers are? Are you curious if applying for a job through KERN Engineers will work out for you? Don’t hesitate to contact us. We are happy to listen to what you are looking for!

There is just this disclaimer: KERN Engineers can only help people with an EU passport or people that have an orientation year visa valid for The Netherlands.

Check out our job vacancies or fill out an open job application so we can look for a suitable job together.