Succesverhalen ~ The story of Dénes

“KERN Engineers listened to me and then thought about where I would fit.”

Dénes was 28 years young when he moved, together with his girlfriend, from Hungary to the Netherlands for work. He started as an engineer in a offshore orientated engineering company. Before he moved, he spent 3 months applying for jobs in the Netherlands from out of Hungary. It took a lot of time to update his cv and motivation letter for each vacancy. When he moved to the Netherlands he was not sure if he could find a job in his engineering discipline. Soon after moving to the Netherlands he received two job offers. He felt that KERN engineers really listened to what his interests and ambitions were. They understood what would fit him best. Within two weeks he found the right match! We sat down with Dénes so he could tell us his story.

“I felt that this was the job that was meant for me.”

From really small things to really big things

Two things were important for Dénes’ job search: challenge and international culture. He talks about this in the interview:

“For me it was quite important that, as an expat, people speak English in the company and that there are other expats. Because it’s nice that I’m able to communicate with my colleagues in the work environment while learning the Dutch language”

Dénes studied mechanical engineering at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. He talked about the big change moving to the offshore industry.

“For me the interesting part was that,when I saw what this job was about, it felt so far away from what I did before. But if you go into detail it’s very similar to what I did at university and in previous jobs. It’s just that you go from really small things to really huge things.”

After acknowledging this, Petro helped him in finding the right job. Petro called Dénes and said: “I know you applied for job X but I think – based on your profile and experience – you might want to investigate another opportunity”. Petro had a company in mind in de offshore industry. He knew Dénes would be a good fit in this company and in its culture. Petro talked to the department manager and they opened up a job for Dénes.

KERN looks at things from a different angle

Dénes had previous experiences with other recruitment agencies. He highlights in the interview that he appreciates that KERN Engineers looks at things from a different angle. Dénes explains that they listen to the candidate first before matching them based on their profile or cv.

“I felt like they listened to me and then thought about where I would fit. This is a different angle and this is very beneficial for us who are looking for a job. So I would really recommend KERN Engineers to anyone who is looking for a job.”

What does this mean for you?

We asked Dénes if he thinks that he would have applied for this job if he found it without KERN Engineers. He told us:

Maybe not, because I would think this area would be too far to reach expertise wise. KERN Engineers told me that I might be a good fit for this job and this gave me a sense of motivation. So for me it really helped that I felt someone had trust in me, my knowledge and experience.”

Can you relate with the story of Dénes? Do you also want to be listened to? Are you also open to possibilities that may seem away from your expertise? Just contact us; we are happy to listen to what you are looking for. Check out our job vacancies here or fill out a open job application so we can look for a suitable job together.